Placebo and Suggestion healing

Placebo Effect mysterious can cure or alleviate pain by the power of suggestion, as discussed in a previous article. On the other hand, the healing is done by God is healing is evident, as the dead rise, the blind see, the lame walk, those who had a hemorrhage immediately stop the bleeding, and so forth.

Placebo and Suggestion healing
Placebo, suggestion healing

It is recognized that it is quite sensitive, and discussion of potential resistance from churches which have emphasized the divine healing. But for the sake of honesty, purity of faith and spiritual maturation, we are all we have to dare to peel it honestly, analytical and intelligent. When humility, of course we are all willing to learn and willing to be corrected.   
Discuss this in no way means that we do not believe in the power of healing or miracles. We must believe that God's power does not change, and the miracle was certainly still valid today. This discussion is not intended to humiliate and accuse innocent servants of God who practice the gift of healing. This discussion has a much more meaningful purpose of healing itself, namely that as believers, the readers understanding of the truth of God is pure grow in, so as to better understand the will of God in this life. Correct understanding of the Word of God is what leads people to true salvation.

Often occurs in Divine healing service, preacher praying for the sick, and then tell them that feel or dare claim to recover up to the stage to testify. With their reckless advanced testify without medical evidence. Here fraud can occur even someone who has not healed even sent up to the pulpit with an impulse or a promise that while they walk forward with faith, healing is inevitable.
Congregation who have been exposed to this suggestion stands and onto the stage. For certain diseases, may be cured by the placebo effect, or the pain is reduced due to the influence of suggestion. Not a few who did not recover, but because of the phenomenon of suggestion, is cured. Some do not heal, but acknowledging cured with advanced embarrassed, and did when before-suggestion, so as if it has healed, if not. It is an immature twit church.

This phenomenon has been going on for years with no one to revive him. Not infrequently they are declared the speaker in the pulpit had been heal, and make God gets applause, was heal fake. Actually, he has not heal. True healing process requires careful medical evidence is not short. In hypnosis, a person who has been drowned out by the suggestion can ignore the pain in his body. It is not that really has been a healing.

Suggestion can also make a sick person can do what many have believed could not be done. For example, a paralyzed or partially paralyzed his legs, when disugesti in an atmosphere of high suggestibility in the middle of worship services, may stand or walk-though somewhat wobble.

But this is not true healing. Once admitted to walk, it turns out when he got home, he was not able to walk again, and back into the wheelchair.

Another example, in a divine healing service, someone felt it was heal of his ulcer disease, but at home, his stomach is sore again. There is also a feeling had recovered from toothache, but it turns out a few moments later a sense of "nyut-nyut" it has started again. Sugestilah which makes it not feel the pain for a moment. It should be understood that the subconscious mind is able to reduce the pain.
Previously we have learned that the placebo effect can produce amazing recovery. In this case, it is not impossible miracles that occur in meetings divine healing, revival meetings and the like is also a suggestion in the healing practice style placebo. We believe God's miracle still happen, but we should be able to distinguish whether a phenomenon that the work of the Holy Spirit or not. If a phenomenon is not a miracle, then it is a hoax or fraud.

During this time many events are recognized as healing from God, but never truly be proven whether the cure is permanent or only temporary. Those who had already testified declared heal in front of the audience, trying to hide his embarrassment will be the real situation when it found that the healing that happened only apparent cure. In this case the lucky is the "servant of God" who has got "credit points", devastating. Yet all it takes is the courage to pray for the sick, and perform a psychological game to the church by stating that among the praying must be cured.

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