Placebo and Shamanism

Not surprisingly, Placebo healing practices such as is used by fake doctors who were never taught by the faculty of medicine. In a society rich with occult such as Indonesia in general, not only in the form of tablets Placebo sugar, but the fumes of incense and flower seven-way, dagger, agate, water is sprayed witchdoctor, and so on. This practice is popularly called mystical romanticism. Shamans utilize incense smoke and others at the time of healing rituals in the presence of the patient in order to raise the confidence of patients to heal. The more magical atmosphere was built, the thicker and stronger belief that the shaman patient has superiority qualified to heal.

Placebo and shamanism
Placebo and shamanism

In practice the placebo, the thickness of trust that is part of a positive attitude is often equated with the power of prayer. Herein lies the secret, that positive thinking can improve the body's ability to heal itself; but patients who lack confidence or pessimistic, which was not sure would heal, have a smaller chance to heal. Therefore this kind of healing should not be hastily said to be magic or miracles.
The phenomenon of young witchdoctor medication by M. Ponari that occur in Kedungsari, Jombang, East Java, it seems unique and superstitious, but it can also constitute the practice of placebo. The testimony of people who heal can add other people's beliefs.

Pity, thousands of people come to jostle to cure apparent. Who came to the house is not just a community Ponari Jombang, keep it just as well from all over Indonesia. Of the investigation that was launched in a newspaper and stated that there were indeed heal, but many do not earn anything. Ironic, they believe water is considered auspicious dyed stone can give a miracle.

Prof. Dr Tadjoer Ridjal, M.Pd., sociologist University Darul Ulum Jombang Ponari commented that the phenomenon is not directly related to the issue of health care and socio-cultural conditions Jombang society in general, but a portrait of the people who still adhere to traditional thinking. "This community group wants to revive the old myth that has been extinct, the figures are considered to have supernatural powers by means of certain '' he said.

Although there is a placebo effect that would allow a person suffering from a particular disease can be cured, but as a person in charge, this method is not recommended for the treatment of the sick. People who are ill should see a doctor to find out for sure her illness, then follow the medical treatment that can be accounted for, the doctor's advice for recovery, including lifestyle changes, diet and so on. God's children should not be speculating to obtain healing of the body through "faith cure".

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