Placebo suggestion in everyday life

In the medical world, known as a mysterious thing called the placebo effect, which is something that not a drug it can heal. Placebo comes from the Latin "Placere" which means "I shall please" (I will be pleasing), in a broad sense "pleasing". From this placebo word implied the existence of effort to please someone. Of pleasing someone is not necessarily bring a benefit or benefits for the person. Referring to the dictionary, the meaning of placebo, among other.

Placebo suggestion in everyday life

Substances that are not pharmacologically active; "Medicine" without active ingredients given to the group of patients included in clinical experiments, to test the efficacy of new drugs that are given to other patient groups. Usually given placebo sugar pills or drugs / treatments mock.

Drugs prescribed for a patient without any physical effect; does not contain the active substance, but given only to provide a positive psychological effect (positive suggestion) because the patient believes he is being treated. It is usually prescribed by doctors because of illness of patients solely because of a psychological thing.

Never done an experiment on the effects of suggestion at the University of Iowa, United States. There are two groups who had the flu. One group was given the drug, which is said by researchers as expensive drugs. To reinforce the impression of expensive, also included a brochure that outlines the price. While the other group, said the drugs given only the usual drug that's cheap. Actually drugs given to both category this is a placebo. After a few days, diperiksalah results "medication" is. It turns out that the group receiving the drug is said to expensive feel somewhat better or heal, while another group of his, still feel pain, no change; when drugs are given to both groups equally, both placebo. This proves how strong placebo effect of this suggestion.

Experts who have conducted research carefully conclude that the hope of care as well as the hope of reward (as has been shown in various studies psychology), and hope for the award has triggered the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, which helps to reduce the symptoms of pain and chronic depression. It turns out that the human body has been fitted elements to reduce pain, even to heal yourself. This is said to be a placebo effect, a suggestion which can reduce pain, even cure the disease.

Indeed, the recent use of a placebo is most often aimed at trying new drugs. Before a new drug to market, pharmaceutical companies have to prove that the drug will be marketed better than a placebo effect. From empirical facts (based on observation), it is sometimes the placebo effect is not inferior to the original drug efficacy-that makes the content of active substances. This has been a mystery for a long time in question, but this is reality, that where the effect of treatment can occur not the treatment itself, but from the perception of the patient and the belief that the drug works well and efficacious.

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