Placebo and medical sciences

Many people do not know that the placebo practice is already very well known in the medical world and pharmacy since first. Placebo is usually in the form of tablets lactose (milk sugar) that looks sought to be similar real pill. The fake drugs are given to calm the patient, not to meet the needs of organic and the right diagnosis clearly in accordance with the illness. Treatment practices like this can be called pseudomedication , pseudo or false medication.

 Placebo and medical science

Studies University of Chicago in January 2008 showed that 45 percent of specialists in internal medicine at around Chicago never prescribe placebos to their patients. This proves that the practice of placebo is often done by doctors who decided that the cause of the symptoms is not important enough to be studied further, or the diseases caused by it only psychologically cause is the mind of the patient himself.

By prescribing a placebo, doctors rely on the psychology of the patient who believes that it is efficacious drugs prescribed. As a result, recovery can be obtained. Doctors know that a given drug (placebo) no more than a game of trust or suggestion. But this became a vital element to cure patients suffering physical and dispels. Here it takes is confidence to heal. This is healing through suggestion.

Placebo Theraphy
There have been many cases that prove that placebos can have a healing effectiveness is not less fierce with the active drug predecessor, sometimes even more powerful.

Research on placebo opening insights and secrets of life are knowledgeable about the fact that the human body was able to heal itself. 

Today, placebo has received serious attention from medical scientists and psychologists. They have found a strong enough scientific evidence that shows that placebo is not just similar to a good medicine, but it really can act as a drug. Conclusion finally that placebo is not only a psychological ploy physicians in treating patients, but it can be quite powerful therapy to alter the biochemical composition of the body and help mobilize the body's defenses in the fight against disorders or diseases that come or go in the body.

Some researchers placebo forward his theory that placebos activate the cerebral cortex (the outer layer of the cerebrum which serves to build perception, sensation, learning, consciousness and memory). In turn, this turn of the endocrine system (hormones release system), particularly the hormone adrenaline. This proves that the mind and body were linked, not separate. The disease is always an interaction between mind and body, between the psychic and physical elements. Something bad or negative growth in the mind can have a negative impact on the body; can also disease originated in the body of a negative impact on the mind. It must be realized that the body and brain that produces mind-stream flow is sustained by the same blood. So the effort to address diseases of the body by ignoring the mind, or assume the mind has nothing to do with the disease are misconceptions.

Placebo can stimulate a person's body's ability to repair itself after being given adequate suggestion as "good drugs" patients believe the doctor who prescribes, so it is quieter (relaxed) and not tense. With that healing can occur. Research shows that not a few patients suffering from the disease, but then can heal itself. This is the body's own healing process, with the potential that exists in the human body that holds millions of mystery. The facts show that the placebo will not cause physiological effects at all if the patient knows that the fake drugs. In this case the trust is very instrumental.

So it is more of a placebo therapy healing through the psychological process. Indeed it can be successful healing is not due to a miracle or efficacy of the tablet or the fake drugs. However, the placebo effect is not always permanent; This is highly dependent on the patient's perception of his own.

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